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Webinar: Reduce Security Risks and Uncover New Revenue Streams for Internet-Connected Devices

  • How secure are your software updates?
  • Do you know what percentage of your installed base has upgraded to your latest product version, or how many are on each of your previous versions?
  • Are you able to diagnose and debug application issues on remote devices?

FlexNet Connect keeps application producers (software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers) connected to users by electronically delivering software updates and marketing messages directly to user's systems safely and efficiently. It also provides installed-base analytics that enable product managers to make more intelligent marketing and product development decisions. With the ability to view relevant application log files on remote devices, intelligent device manufacturers now have the ability to remotely diagnose customer issues allowing them to proactively debug application issues resulting in decreased support calls and increased customer satisfaction.

Watch this Webinar for a product overview, and learn some of the new features in FlexNet Connect, including:

  • Remote device diagnostics
  • Secure software downloads
  • Entitlement driven updates

Plus, you will see just how fast and easy it is to stay connected with your customers during a brief FlexNet Connect product demonstration.

Customer Testimonial

"It is more important than ever to keep software applications updated with minimal end user impact. We also need tight control over the end user update experience for the diverse operating environments our applications support. And we constantly look for better ways to learn how end users use our products so that we can continually improve them. We are very pleased with the direction that Flexera Software is taking with FlexNet Connect. It closely aligns to our needs." "
Bob Brandenstein
Platform Marketing
Siemens PLM Software

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