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Expert Panel: Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT)

In Gartner’s recent Emerging Technology Analysis Report: Licensing and Entitlement Management is the Key to Monetizing the Internet of Things, Gartner states that the Internet of Things (IoT) turns all hardware and appliance OEM vendors into software providers. They go on to say that licensing and entitlement management technology will serve as a key mechanism that enables manufacturers to protect and monetize the embedded intellectual property running as software on these connected devices.

Join IoT panel experts as they discuss their thoughts on the report, share techniques for unlocking the business value of connected devices and strategies for helping software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers capture their share of the $1.9 trillion IoT market.

Moderator: Randy Littleson – Senior Vice President of Marketing, Flexera Software
Panel Member: Rami Ahola – Global Electronics Center of Competence, IBM
Panel Member: Vikram Koka – Vice President, Intelligent Devices and Internet of Things, Flexera Software

Listen to experts discuss their thoughts on the latest Gartner Emerging Technology Analysis report

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