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How to Say Goodbye to Windows Server 2003

On July 2015, Microsoft’s venerable Windows Server 2003 operating system reached its end-of-life, meaning the company no longer provides regular support or updates for the operating system outside of an expensive custom support contract. Windows Server 2003 remains in widespread use in organizations of all sizes. However, in the decade+ since its invention, an incredible array of changes have occurred in the IT industry. New forms of attacks, new perspectives on security, new approaches to management and automation, and more are all here. Windows Server 2003 will never be able to take advantage of these advances, or adequately protect itself against these risks.

Organizations need to adopt a repeatable, sustainable pattern for dealing with operating system obsolescence. Redmond Magazine’s “Decision Maker” columnist, Don Jones, authors this white paper which outlines the decision making process organizations can take to start creating a consistent Application Readiness process that will serve for decades to come. Download this white paper now.

Prepare your Applications for Windows Server 2003 End-Of-Life

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