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White Paper: Requirements for Selecting a Universal App Store

Microsoft MVP Brien Posey Details Seven Key Requisites to Consider when Choosing

It wasn’t really all that long ago that most large organizations provided standardized desktop systems for their employees. Although the desktop hardware wasn’t usually consistent across the organization, the desktop operating system, patches, and base configuration typically was. Today, however, there is really no such thing as a standard endpoint device. While many organizations do still maintain standards for enterprise desktops, Windows desktops are no longer the only endpoint device from which users are working. Users today work from all manner of mobile devices both at the office, and while away from the office. That’s what makes an enterprise application store so important. But what does an app store need to look like in order to meet organizations’ complex requirements?

In this eBook, Brien Posey, Microsoft MVP and Technical Expert outlines the seven key criteria to consider when selecting and implementing a Universal Enterprise App Store.

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Resources to Help You Select a Universal Enterprise App Store

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