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White Paper: Mitigating Mobile App Risk to Ensure Safe, Reliable Deployments

Best Practices for Mobile Application Management

Mobile apps often have unrestricted access to user information such as contact lists and calendars. They also have access to social and corporate networks. What’s more, mobile devices have a number of built-in hardware features such as GPS and photo, video and audio recording, all of which can be used by mobile apps.

Read this white paper to learn more about mobile application management:

  • Determine which mobile behaviors are risky
  • Identify which apps exhibit these behaviors
  • Establish policies to deal with apps that exhibit risky behaviors
  • Use the policies to manage the apps and mitigate risk

As IT continually builds institutional knowledge around mobile app behaviors, the IT staff must become better positioned to establish processes and policies that address mobile app behaviors. Download this paper to learn more about mitigating mobile app risk to ensure safe, reliable software deployments to mobile devices.

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