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White Paper: IDC Technology Spotlight: Application Readiness in Today’s Heterogeneous IT Environments

Disruptive trends such as the consumerization of IT, BYOD, mobility, and virtualization are driving increasingly heterogeneous and hybrid IT environments that, in turn, are adding significant complexity to the distribution and management of applications within the enterprise.

As the IT environment continues to grow more complex and business users expectations on application and IT service delivery move closer to near-real-time, the ability for IT departments to delivery secure and reliable applications, at speed of the enterprise, will increasingly become a critical component of facilitating optimal productivity for both IT and business users alike. Additionally, business users increasingly expect the same kind of fast, convenient, and simplistic access to technology resources available to them in their personal lives to be matched in the workplace.

This IDC Technology Spotlight authored by industry Robert Young, Research Manager on IDC’s Enterprise System Management Software Research Team will cover latest technology trends impacting enterprise IT service delivery as well as guidance pertaining to how IT professionals can leverage Application Readiness, Software License Optimization and Integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions to streamline and optimize processes for delivering and accounting for a wide-range of applications in order to remain relevant, efficient, and reduce unnecessary inefficiencies and costs within their organizations.

Additionally, this IDC Technology Spotlight describes:

  • How the Software Distribution and IT Asset Management software markets are responding to IT consumerization, mobility, and virtualization trends
  • How IT organizations can meet business users increased demand for rapid software delivery while controlling cost and mitigating instances of shadow IT and shelfware
  • How leveraging integrated application readiness, usage, and deployment management solutions can reduce operational inefficiencies, over & under procurement of software, and the risk of licensing and/or regulatory noncompliance
  • How delivering consistent and reliable applications across multiple client device types and supporting infrastructures can increase business user productivity while reducing IT support calls

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