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White Paper: The Enterprise Application Lifecycle

It’s Costing You More Than You Know

Managing applications used to be a simple “one every few years” exercise of deploying Windows and Office to desktops. Today’s complex daily mix of physical, virtual and mobile platforms, is anything but simple. More frequent releases and regular end of life announcements for Windows, Windows Server, and Internet Explorer complicate matters even more.

With user demand for more applications, more devices, and expectations of faster response times on the rise, it is nearly impossible to keep up. Shadow IT, where employees do it themselves, may provide a faster response than IT, but only increases the cost of ownership and organizational risk.

In this informative white paper, industry expert and founder of Techvangelism, Nick Cavalancia, outlines how to gain control over applications, improve IT efficiency, lower cost, and reduce the dependence on Shadow IT. Topics include:

  • Keeping up with vendors increasingly frequent software releases
  • Transforming application request and management into IT as a service
  • Lowering application TCO with governance, automation, and self-service deployment

Learn How to Gain Control and Lower Cost

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