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White Paper: Achieving Application Readiness Maturity

Is your Application Readiness Process Ready for Change?

The Application Readiness Maturity Model is a guide to assess your current processes and determine what you can do to improve the quality and speed of application service delivery. By understanding the level your organization is at in the maturity model, you will be better able to chart a path to higher levels of business value.

  • Level 1 - Basic Packaging – How are applications made ready for deployment?
  • Level 2 - Standard Process – Have standards been established?
  • Level 3 - Efficient Delivery – Is our process efficient?
  • Level 4 - Change Ready – Are we ready for change?

Download the white paper to learn how to identify where you can make improvements, analyze the steps needed to move up in maturity, and prioritize which steps are most critical. Each step yields incremental efficiencies, resulting in faster and more reliable application delivery, lower costs and decreased risk.

Download the Application Readiness Maturity White Paper

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