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Assessing Compatibility and Planning for Windows 10

Preparing for Windows 10; Assessment, Compatibility and Deployment of Apps in the Enterprise

Enterprises are preparing for the release of Windows 10 this year, including application compatibility and migration strategies. Concurrently, these same enterprises are also preparing for the end of support for all but the latest version of Internet Explorer, scheduled for 2016. How do you transition these services quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and with minimal impact to the businesses?

Join us for this one hour Webinar where Fred Pullen, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft and Tim Davis, Product Marketing Manager of Flexera Software, will discuss the challenges and strategies needed to plan the capacity and resources required to package, test and predictably deploy a steady stream of new services including:

  • Preparation for the upcoming release of Windows 10
  • Migration considerations when moving to Internet Explorer 11
  • Planning for next generation browsing experiences in Microsoft’s Edge

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