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Webinar: Best Practices for Application Virtualization

Featuring Microsoft Consultant Steven Thomas

One of the ongoing trends in enterprise IT is organizations are increasingly choosing to virtualize applications. According to some estimates, organizations that attempt to virtualize their applications are typically able to virtualize about 40-60 percent of their software. Although some organizations have achieved a success rate of nearly 95 percent, achieving that benchmark can be both difficult and time consuming. Join Steven Thomas, Senior Consultant at Microsoft specializing in Desktop and Application Virtualization as he talks with Flexera about best practices and developments with App V, as well as the future of application virtualization.

Viewers will walk away with:

  • Updated information on new developments in App-V
  • An understanding of Best Practices for Application Virtualization
  • Insights into the future of Application Virtualization

Best Practices with App-V and Application Virtualization

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