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Webinar: Application Readiness: Are You Ready for Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been called the last version of Windows and Microsoft has introduced the idea of Windows as a service - marking a shift away from three- to four-year operating systems updates to continuous, incremental delivery of new functionality. Continuous OS upgrades as proposed in Windows 10 have the potential to truly break the backs of IT departments.

Learn how adopting continuous Application Readiness best practices and technology can automate the application deployment processes for fast, efficient and effective service delivery of ongoing Windows updates. In this webinar, Ken Hilker, Senior Product Manager, will address three of the most common questions when it comes to preparing applications for Windows 10:

  • Is my application portfolio ready to move?
  • Are my applications compatible?
  • Will our processes be ready for Windows as a service?

Prepare Your Applications for Windows 10

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