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Webinar: Maximize Your Investments in AdminStudio

The Application Catalog: The Key to Operational Efficiency and Service Quality

In the past, enterprises have approached the packaging and deployment of software in a project-by-project basis. Today enterprises face more complex application challenges including multiple application formats, BYOD initiatives, managing mobile applications, virtualization, and ongoing operating system upgrades. How can enterprise architects, application managers and IT professionals stay ahead of the curve and keep up with increasing demand and end users expectations?

Learn how the market leading solution, AdminStudio, can be leveraged for more than just packaging. AdminStudio is designed to transform your organization to be “change ready” to adopt new technologies quickly and keep applications ready for deployment to end users when they need it and how they need it regardless of computing device.

Whether you are a current AdminStudio customer or currently considering a solution for application packaging, this Webinar will help you to develop a continuous process to manage complexities in today’s consumerized IT environment, and advance Application Readiness initiatives in your organization.

You will take away:

  • How a centralized application catalog can maximize operational efficiencies and service delivery
  • How AdminStudio and WorkFlow Manager can strategically move IT organizations from Application Packaging to Application Readiness
  • What it means to be “Change Ready” and why enterprises should strive to achieve this ideal

Learn how you can maximize your investment in AdminStudio

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Tim Davis, Product Marketing Manager, Flexera Software

Mike O’Connor, Sales Engineer, Flexera Software