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Webinar: What’s New in AdminStudio

Unified Application Readiness for Windows, Mac® and Mobile Applications

The client computing environment is increasingly driven by employee choice and enterprises are seeing an increase in the adoption of Mac® computers, either through BYOD or changes in corporate purchasing. IT departments need to expand their capabilities to reliably prepare applications to run on a more diverse selection of Windows and Mac computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

AdminStudio Suite 2016 ensures predictable and reliable delivery of applications to these devices and includes new automation capabilities to increase packaging speed and efficiency. Learn how to mature your Unified Application Readiness processes with increased automation and the ability to prepare reliable Mac and Windows applications for predictable delivery to employee devices.

Join Ken Hilker, Senior Product Manager, to learn how this new release can:

  • Configure, Test, and Prepare Mac® Applications
  • Automatically Provision Virtual Machines for Repackaging
  • Test EXE Installers for OS Compatibility and Virtualization Suitability

Manage Applications in Windows, Mac and Mobile Environments

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